Good Corporate Governance

DESCRIPTION   At the time of growing competition and global market, the company required to implement the Good Corporate Governance (GCG) to be able to win the competition, especially in the business world. Good Corporate Governance is a must in order to build a strong business conditions and sustainable, as well as the need to Read more about Good Corporate Governance[…]

Feasibility Study

DESCRIPTION   Feasibility studies of investment needed to assist investment decision / large projects and is used in the procurement plan assets of the company. This study contains a variety of aspects related to investment will be decided, which includes aspects of the market, technical and production aspects, organizational aspects, financial aspects and environmental aspects. Read more about Feasibility Study[…]


DESCRIPTION   Structurally, training is a sub-system of an organization’s systems. Training has a role as important as the other organizational functions such as production, finance, marketing. Training program’s function to provide the right skills at the right time so that the organization can achieve its objectives. Training is not a program to spend budgeted Read more about EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT TRAINING[…]


DESCRIPTION Corporate’s performance depends on the performance of its employees. So a variety of efforts to improve the corporate productivity continues to gain maximum revenue and expenditure to a minimum. One way in which to increase the productivity of the company is to undertake increased employee productivity. When people join a company, the individual is Read more about PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT[…]


DESCRIPTION Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal in excellent service to customers. Improving the service quality should be continuously pursued by all employees. Handling customer complaint is one factor to increase customer satisfaction. To develop an oriented customer satisfaction organization, handling customer complaint skill become a very important skill for its person. This training will Read more about HANDLING CUSTOMER COMPLAINT[…]