Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal in excellent service to customers. Improving the service quality should be continuously pursued by all employees. Handling customer complaint is one factor to increase customer satisfaction. To develop an oriented customer satisfaction organization, handling customer complaint skill become a very important skill for its person. This training will discuss about skills, techniques and methods in handling customer complaints effectively.


Participants will able to understand the systems and procedures in handling complaints, positive mindset in dealing with customer complaints, understanding actions in dealing with customer complaints and evaluate and improve the complaints handling system.



1. Recognize Customer Expectations and Emotions:

  • Differences emotional and rational needs of customers
  • The stages of customer’s emotions
  • The types of challenging customers

2. Understanding of Complaint:

  • Understanding and benefits of complaints
  • When complaints occur and where
  • Complaints and customer attitudes
  • The impact of the failure to deal with complaints

3. Recognizing Causes of Complaint

4. Steps in Handling Complaint

  • Reduce the negative emotions
  • Listening reflectively
  • Demonstrate empathy with selection a positive sentence
  • Taking action settlement of complaints, including how to say ‘no’ positively
  • Close interaction positively
  • Follow-up, ensure customer satisfaction and leave a pleasant impression.

5. Customer Handling Complaints System

  • Welcoming complaints
  • Make it easy for customers to complaint
  • Handling complaints quickly
  • Designing policies and handling compliant prosedures that support to completion the complaint quickly and efficiently
  • Coach and empower the staff
  • Record the customer complaints
  • Communicate all of information about complaints

6. Communication & Interpersonal Skill dealing with complaints

7. Case studies



All employees associated with the service to the customer.



Presentation, Discussion, Brainstorming, Case Study, Evaluation 



  • Kuala Lumpur & Singapore: IDR 8.500.000 min 3 person, IDR 7.000.000 min 4 person, IDR 6.000.000 min 5 person
  • Bangkok: IDR 9.000.000 min 3 person, IDR 7.500.000 min 4 person, IDR 6.500.000 min 5 person.
  • Hongkong : IDR 9.000.000 min 5 person, IDR 7.500.000 min 6 person , IDR 6.500.000 min 7 person
  • Facility : Certificate, Training kits, USB, Lunch, Coffe Break, Souvenir



Dra. MC Maryati, MM

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