This training will discuss the scope of work along with a human resources management case study problems that often arise and approach to human resource management for managers (executives) non-Human Resources in the company along with solving the problem.


  • Participants understand the scope of work for Human Resources Management
  • Participants understand the different problem emerging in the Human Resources area and how to overcome them
  • Participants understand new approaches in managing Human Resources and able to apply within the company.



1. The scope of human resource management area and its global environmental & challenges

2. Role of Human Resources Management
3. Strategic Concept based on Human Resource Management & Competency

  • Human Resource Planning and Relation With Organizational Strategic Plan
  • HR Planning and Relation With HR competencies
  • Techniques HR Planning & Calculation Requirement (Manpower Demand & Supply)
  • Develop HR Planning Techniques
  • Cascading Down Business Competency to Job Competency

4. Recruitment & Selection System and Method of Assessment Center

  • Basic Principles of Recruitment & Selection
  • Techniques and Application of Recruitment & Selection Process
  • Competency-based Selection Method Interview
  • Method of Assessment Center For Primary Tool Selection and Measurement HR Competency 

5. Training & Development System

  • Basic Principles of Training and Human Resources Development
  • Model Approach HR Training & Development
  • Training Needs Analysis (Competency Gap Analysis)
  • Designing Competency-based Training Program
  • Activity Management Training & Development
  • Evaluation Methods Training & Development
  • Training & Development Systems Linkages with Other Human Resource Management System 

6. Career Management & Succession Plan

  • Basic Principles of Career Management
  • Aspects of Career Management
  • Design Career (Career Path Design)
  • Aspects of Succession Planning
  • Linkages Career Management & Succession Planning with Other Human Resource Management System
  • Skill practice: Developing Replacement Chart 

7. Remuneration System

  • Remuneration Philosophy and Strategy Remuneration
  • Establishment of Class Based Job Evaluation Job
  • Remuneration System Linkages with Other Human Resource Management System 

8. Performance Management System

  • Basic Principles of Performance Management System
  • Performance Management Cycle
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Linkages with the Performance Management System HR Management System Other
  • Skill Practice: Preparing (IDP) 

9. Industrial Relations

  • Basic Principles of Industrial Relations
  • Employment Act and Companies Regulations
  • Collective Labour Agreement (CLA)
  • Termination of Employment (FLE)
  • Linkages of Industrial Relations with Other Human Resource Management System

10. Case studies and problem solving



Suitable for all staff and managers in various fields



Presentation, Discussion, Brainstorming, Role Play, Case Study



  • Kuala Lumpur & Singapore: IDR 8.500.000 min 3 person, IDR 7.000.000 min 4 person, IDR 6.000.000 min 5 person
  • Bangkok: IDR 9.000.000 min 3 person, IDR 7.500.000 min 4 person, IDR 6.500.000 min 5 person.
  • Hongkong : IDR 9.000.000 min 5 person, IDR 7.500.000 min 6 person , IDR 6.500.000 min 7 person
  • Facility : Certificate, Training kits, USB, Lunch, Coffe Break, Souvenir



Dr. rer. nat Arief Fahmie, S.Psi, MA, Psikolog

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