DESCRIPTION There are 6 steps being taken in the process of budgeting and control company profits are: determining general corporate purposes, the determination of specific objectives of each department, the determination of strategy, policy planning executive management, planning strategies to achieve long-term earnings and annual earnings.   GOALS After this training, participants will be able Read more about EFFECTIVE BUDGETING,PROFIT PLANNING AND CONTROL[…]


DESCRIPTION Outsourcing become an attractive option for corporate to reduce their labor costs. However, many people not agree with this condition even suggested to the government for issued a policy prohibiting or severely restricting this activities. In reality, a number of studies show that employment policy that too rigid in the long time will disserve Read more about OUTSOURCING MANAGEMENT[…]

Drafting Contract in English

DESCRIPTION This training provides lawyers, legal officer or in-house council with interactive sessions on the practical skills required to draft and interpret modern-day legal documents in English. It is ideal for them who work in English as a foreign language who need to draft, explain or interpret contract clauses written in English but under their Read more about Drafting Contract in English[…]


DESCRIPTION This training will discuss the scope of work along with a human resources management case study problems that often arise and approach to human resource management for managers (executives) non-Human Resources in the company along with solving the problem. GOAL Participants understand the scope of work for Human Resources Management Participants understand the different Read more about HUMAN RESOURCES FOR NON HUMAN RESOURCES[…]


DESCRIPTION This training provides the knowledge about cash flow analysis of a project that will happen. After estimated the cash flow well, next step is to assess the investment proposal. In conducting the assessment there are several methods such us payback period, discounted payback period, internal rate of return (IRR), modified internal rate of return Read more about CAPITAL BUDGETING[…]


DESCRIPTION Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal in excellent service to customers. Improving the service quality should be continuously pursued by all employees. Handling customer complaint is one factor to increase customer satisfaction. To develop an oriented customer satisfaction organization, handling customer complaint skill become a very important skill for its person. This training will Read more about HANDLING CUSTOMER COMPLAINT[…]


DESCRIPTION Business activities of the company will be reflected by the financial statements, so the business strategy can be seen from  the financial statements. business strategy could be formulated basedn on financial statements. This workshop will show how to create a business analysis and valuation using financial statements. PURPOSE After this training, participants should be Read more about BUSINESS ANALYSIS & VALUATION[…]

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