Drafting Contract


This training provides lawyers, legal officer or in-house council with interactive sessions on the practical skills required to draft and interpret modern-day legal documents in English. It is ideal for them who work in English as a foreign language who need to draft, explain or interpret contract clauses written in English but under their domestic jurisdiction.


  1. Legal Translation
    1. Linguistic aspect of legal translation
    2. The issues of equivalence and non-equivalence
    3. Key principles, techniques, common mistakes and pitfalls in translating legal
  2. documents
    1. Translation accuracy
    2. Styles in legal translation
      Case study
  3. The Terms and Phrases in Drafting Contracts
    1. Common features of the legal language
    2. Accurate use of modern legal English terminology
    3. Commercial terminology
    4. International transactions
  4. Drafting Contracts
    1. Guidelines for drafting with a modern style
    2. Establishing and applying “best practice” into your legal drafting
    3. Analysis of the structure and use of legal English in the drafting of contracts
    4. How to avoid typical mistakes and bad habits in legal writing
    5. Implications for drafting under Common vs. Civil jurisdictions
    6. Dispute resolutions
  5. Simulation
    1. Formulating contract clause simulation
    2. Presentation and discussion


  1. Presentasi
  2. Diskusi
  3. Tanya jawab
  4. Studi kasus
  5. Brainstorming

Investasi dan Fasilitas

Rp.5.900.000 (Non Residential)

Fasilitas : Certificate,Training kits, USB,Lunch,Coffe Break, Souvenir
Quota minimal 2 peserta
Untuk peserta luar kota disediakan transportasi antar-jemput dari Bandara/Stasiun ke Hotel (berlaku bagi perusahaan yang mengirimkan minimal 3 peserta)


Nur Jihat,SH,MH


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