Pelatihan Pengetahuan Bisnis dan Entrepreneurship Yogyakarta

PT Expertindo Training sebagai salah satu perusahaan training dan konsultan terbaik di Indonesia, pada minggu kedua bulan Desember 2019 ini kembali menggelar berbagai pelatihan pasti jalan di berbagai kota. Yogyakarta menjadi salah satunya dengan jumlah pelatihan yang diadakan di minggu ini mencapai 16 judul yang berbeda.  Salah satu judul pelatihan yang dselenggarakan adalah Pengetahuan Bisnis Read more about Pelatihan Pengetahuan Bisnis dan Entrepreneurship Yogyakarta[…]

Pelatihan Perawatan Lanjut Usia Bagi Perawat

TRAINING DAN SERTIFIKASI PERAWATAN LANJUT USIA KHUSUS BAGI PERAWAT   Fave Kartika Plasa Hotel, Kuta – Denpasar               |12-14 Maret 2020|16-18 April 2020|14-16 Mei 2020 |18-20 Juni 2020|16-18 Juli 2020 |6-8 Agustus 2020 |3-5 September 2020 |1-3 Oktober 2020|5-7 November 2020|3-5 Desember 2020|   Training dan Sertifikasi  Rp 5.500.000,- (Minimal Kuota 10 peserta)   Read more about Pelatihan Perawatan Lanjut Usia Bagi Perawat[…]

Certified Training & Development Professional

Certified Training & Development Professional (CTDP) Sertifikasi AAPM TRAINING PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Training and development describes the formal, ongoing efforts that are made within organizations to improve the performance and self-fulfillment of their employees through a variety of learning and educational methods and programs. Training and development makes employees more productive and effective. It is actively Read more about Certified Training & Development Professional[…]

Certified Employee Performance Appraisal

CERTIFIED EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL (CEPA) Sertifikasi AAPM TRAINING PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Performance appraisal is important for organizations and employees. It serves a vital and irreplaceable function. Every person who works for an organization wants the answers to two questions: What do you expect of me? and How am I doing at meeting your expectations? The first Read more about Certified Employee Performance Appraisal[…]

Pelatihan Petugas P3K Kegawatdaruratan Medis

PELATIHAN PETUGAS P3K KEGAWATDARURATAN MEDIS SERTIFIKASI BNSP SKKNI Nomor 267 Tahun 2015   Kategori A.1     : 24-26 Januari 2020  : Rp.4.600.000 Kategori A.2     : 23-26 Januari 2020  : Rp.4.900.000 Kategori A.3     : 25-26 Januari 2020  : Rp.3.900.000 Kategori B         : 25-26 Januari 2020  : Rp.4.000.000 Denpasar, Bali   DESKRIPSI Untuk dapat melakukan pertolongan pertama, Read more about Pelatihan Petugas P3K Kegawatdaruratan Medis[…]

Certified Team Leader

Training Program Description Being a leader is not an easy and simple task. You have to balance maintaining work relationships with meeting deadlines, and walk a difficult boundary line between friendship and authority with your team. Leaders exhibit a unique blend of charisma, vision and character traits that attract people to follow them. They helps Read more about Certified Team Leader[…]

Certified Recruitment Specialist

Training Program Description Recruitment is a series of processes to attract a group of job applicants to fill available positions in a company. An effective recruitment process will bring the best human resources. Every company certainly wants the employee recruitment process to run well and smoothly. But apparently finding competent job applicants is not easy Read more about Certified Recruitment Specialist[…]

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