Pelatihan Petugas P3K Kegawatdaruratan Medis

PELATIHAN PETUGAS P3K KEGAWATDARURATAN MEDIS SERTIFIKASI BNSP SKKNI Nomor 267 Tahun 2015   Kategori A.1     : 24-26 Januari 2020  : Rp.4.600.000 Kategori A.2     : 23-26 Januari 2020  : Rp.4.900.000 Kategori A.3     : 25-26 Januari 2020  : Rp.3.900.000 Kategori B         : 25-26 Januari 2020  : Rp.4.000.000 Denpasar, Bali   DESKRIPSI Untuk dapat melakukan pertolongan pertama, Read more about Pelatihan Petugas P3K Kegawatdaruratan Medis[…]

Certified Team Leader

Training Program Description Being a leader is not an easy and simple task. You have to balance maintaining work relationships with meeting deadlines, and walk a difficult boundary line between friendship and authority with your team. Leaders exhibit a unique blend of charisma, vision and character traits that attract people to follow them. They helps Read more about Certified Team Leader[…]

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